Red Dress RVHS - Ariana

Both my children have traveled this photography journey along side of me, have been more than patient and have always been willing to help me.  Any photographer's kid will tell you how annoying it is at times to have your mom follow you around with a camera but the memories created through all of it are well worth it in the end. My desire to record people through photographs at a given time in life is immense and I am so happy that I can do this for my kids especially.  Here is my daughter at the age of 15 looking like a beautiful angel in the sunlight wearing a red dress and flower crown that I made for her.  Her high school years are going to speed right past us and I will have these photos to look back on one day.


We tossed around a few ideas for a special photo session and we chose this location, dress and accessories to represent who she is, what she's experiencing during this time of her life, and the things she is into at this present moment.  The Red Dress represents wanting to be bold in character in an effort to make a positive difference in this world. 


Ariana is often times alone.  During those quiet times she listens to music, she reads, plays her instruments, and recently started a garden.  This location represents a big space in a big world where she is alone to find what the purpose if her life is.  There was a small stream of water nearby where we could hear the water flowing like music and the birds singing to a melody in her mind.  The trees, grass, flowers, and even the weeds remind her of her garden and  how beautiful life really is.  


Strings are her choice of instruments with the violin being one of them.  At any given moment she will pick up her acoustic guitar and sing along to a tune that comes to her.  Then she'll try it out on her electric guitar just to see how it sounds.


Exerts from a Poem written by Ariana Ramos

I Am Poem

I am quiet and thoughtful

I wonder about other people's judgements

I hear no silence, only music

I see my imaginary utopia behind closed eyelids

I want to succeed independently


I pretend I am a queen, a rightful ruler

I feel the warmth of my heart

I touch the strings on my instruments

I worry about nothing, which is a lie

I am quiet and thoughtful


I understand there is no easy life

I say things to make other happy

I dream about peace and love

I try to make others proud

I hope my future will be bright

I am quiet and thoughtful

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Red Dress is a Goodwill find.  It's originally from David's Bridals.

Flower crown was made by me Janet Ramos Photography.

Location was in Lithia FL Fishawk Ranch

SeniorsJanet Ramos