HS Senior Guy Photos

A few weeks ago I received a message asking if I photograph HS senior guys that attend Newsome High School.  "Why yes I would love to," I thought to myself.  I only have one other male senior in my portfolio and desperately needed some more to add to it.   I'm not sure why but it seems like guys aren't as enthusiastic about getting their picture taken and even though I've had several mother's call and book appointments with me, the boys just wouldn't follow through with the shoot.  So you can imagine how happy I was when I was given the opportunity to photograph not only one other Senior Guy but three in total.  Triplets!  I hit the jackpot.  LOL   In the first two photos, I asked mom and dad to please jump in for a few shots so that they could have an updated photo of all of them together before the guys left for whatever the future holds after graduation.  Senior year is so busy with different events that we forget to slow down and enjoy the moment.  So here they are all together as a beautiful family. 


I will admit, I was a little nervous before the photoshoot but lucky for me these guys were so funny and so sweet.  As you will see in some of these shots how much fun we had goofing around. (:


When I asked Charles what his plans were after graduation his answer was to hopefully join the Air Force Academy   Woohoo!  Being an Air Force wife for almost 20 years made me so proud that we have young men wanting to serve our country. 


Even Nick purposely made funny faces at the camera. 

It's kinda difficult to get sharp images when you're laughing at your client's silliness.  LOL


Here's Christian trying really hard to ignore his brothers making fun behind me.  Haha.  Poor mom was trying to wrangle the two other boys and get them to be quiet.  Dad was cool and collective and just smiled the whole time.  I love when my sessions are this great!  


I have to admit that I love making new connections with my clients.  I try to keep in touch long after the session.  Many of the Seniors that I have photographed have gone on to achieve their goals and that makes me so proud.  Good luck to the Mowery brothers and my God bless you and help you achieve all your dreams.

SeniorsJanet Ramos