What to Expect


The in-Person consult

In-person consultations are highly recommended for each of my clients.  During this time, we meet in order to know each other better. This also allows us to feel comfortable with each other during the photoshoot. We also discuss details such as any ideas, dreams and visions you have for the photos we create together.  Once we settle on a date, we continue our communication for any last minute questions, concerns or new ideas by phone, text or email.  The bottom line is that we make communication between all of us available at any time before we meet for the session.  


a couple of days before the shoot


The day of shoot

Preperation Tips

  • If you are doing your own make-up, please have a professional from the department store match your skin color and type for the perfect foundation color and texture match.  Let them know that it's for a photoshoot and that you need something to help control the shine.
  • Make sure your nails are polished nicely.  You don't even need a nail color but chipped nail polish in photos is always the first thing you'll notice when you get your proofs to look through.
  • Press and iron your clothes the day before so you're not stressed out doing that on the day of. 
  • Make sure everyone's shoes are clean and polished the day before. 
  • Bobby pins and clothes pins work wonders for clothes that fit a little too big.
  • Water and pretzels are perfect snacks to bring along if we need to take a break. These food items won't stain your clothes during the shoot in case of spillage.
  •  Ladies, please make sure your undergarments do not show through your clothes.  
  • Guys, be aware of wallets and cell phones in front pockets.  
  • Be careful with sun tans/sun burns/funky tan lines days before the shoot.  Fake tanners look fake so stay away from those.  
  • Wash your hair the night before if you are going to have your hair styled by a pro stylist.  They will love you for that.

The day of the shoot is always hectic and things don't always work out as planned but that is perfectly okay.  I always advise my clients to come prepared with everything you can think of except for the kitchen sink.  It gets really hot during the summer months so bringing along cold water, snacks, tissues and baby wipes.  These items are always helpful to keep you sane out there.  

For families with children keep in mind that they will most probably whine, cry, get dirty, have to use the potty several times and get hungry.  I expect these things to happen and we will do everything possible to keep them happy and comfortable even if it means taking a break in between every couple of shots.  No need to stress out about that.   Bring along their favorite toy, blankie, or lovey bear if that helps keep them happy. I'm always willing to use those things in a couple of photos to help them ease into the session.

My ultimate goal on this day is to have fun while creating amazing images for you!