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For the third year in a row, I've had the pleasure of photographing Amber and her beautiful family.  Amber is also a photographer and a very crafty lady. ;)  Her three boys keep her busy while hubby is busy at work but somehow manages to keep everything under control.  I'm blessed by all three of her boys when I see them because they all shower me with smiles and warm greetings when I see them.  Watching them grow up and seeing how much they change year to year is an honor.  As a mom myself I know how it feels to watch your babies grow up.  


The eyes on this child are mesmerizing.  He is sweet and loving which makes anyone want to be around him.


I'm sure mom can tell us stories of how these three boys go at it sometimes but looking at these photos you would never know.  They're bonded and love teacher and that is priceless.


It's important for mom and dad to have photos of themselves. Children feel a sense of unity and belonging when family photos are displayed in the home.

Seeing photos of mom and dad together proves to them that love exists and that leaves a lasting impression in their little hearts as they grow up.


There is something about including the family pet that completes a beautiful portrait.


During family sessions, taking shots with dad and the kids turn out to be amazing.  Look at the smiles on their faces.


Portraits with mom are a must.  Nothing is more special than a the love she has for her children.


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