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Everyone meet Tracy and her two boys Andrew and Daniel!  I've been blessed to have Tracy in my life for many years now.  We met at St. Joseph's Children's Pediatric Rehabilitations Services in the Brandon/Riverview FL area and where my son received therapy on a weekly basis.  When we first started going to St. Joe's, Tracy was starting her family and soon after Andrew was born.  It was not too long after that I started taking photography a bit more serious and little did I know how much Tracy loved photos and scrap booking.  She was one of my very first clients and all these years later we get together once a year to update the wall gallery in her lovely home.  Daniel came along and gave me all the more reason to photograph this lovely family.  


I'm thrilled that I get to photograph these boys and watch them grow. I get to be a part of watching them change and experience their personalities grow as well.


Capturing young children is not always about posing, eye contact and perfect smiles.  During my family sessions I encourage parents to let their children be themselves.


Authentic interactions make the best photographs. So there's lots of hugs, snuggles, tickling and laughing.


I learn so much about what kids are into while we are shooting.  I ask them what kind of shows they watch or games they play.  That's when their eyes light up and the smiles shine through.


Sometimes I say some off the wall things on purpose to see what kind of reaction I get.  Here was Daniel's reaction to "Does the boogie man really have boogers?"  Haha


These are moments that don't always last forever but in photographs they do.


Mom deserves beautiful images of herself that she can be proud of.  She works hard at caring for everyone else and for a few minutes I get to let her relax in front of my camera.


Then there's always the reward for the children at the end.  What kid doesn't love the playground?  Medard park in Plant City FL is the perfect place for kids to shake of some energy.


When was the last time you had professional Family photos taken?  If it's been a while then message me here and let's make a plan to photograph your family soon.

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